Crown Point, IN – November 16, 2023: Zynergia, a leading Professional Employer Organization (PEO) with deep roots in healthcare, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with White Label Advisors, a vanguard in human-centric growth and innovation. The Zynergia and White Label Advisors partnership aims to enhance the Employers for Cheaper Healthcare (ECH) membership program, delivering transformative healthcare solutions to employers nationwide.

Zynergia’s expertise in Enterprise Risk and Human Capital Management, combined with White Label Advisors’ revolutionary approach to human resources, ushers in a new era of health-focused, human-centered benefits optimization.

Partnership Highlights:

“Impacting the healthcare benefits sector positively while maintaining a laser focus on our members, Zynergia stands in seamless alignment with White Label Advisors. Our mission revolves around forging partnerships with like-minded entities that embrace a people-first strategy to generate uplifting outcomes for members nationwide. White Label Advisors stands out as a pivotal partner in this journey, helping us amplify the reach of our meticulously designed programs that prioritize the well-being of individual members—acknowledging that they are the true backbone of any business,” Kirnjot Singh, MD, President of Zynergia exclaims.

“White Label Advisors Partners with Zynergia to provide the ECH (Employers for Cheaper Healthcare) Membership Program to transform healthcare for employers, offering cost-effective, high-quality solutions. With ECH’s Membership Program, we provide innovative healthcare strategies, concierge services, accessible health plans, tailored plan menus, and affordable prescriptions. Our partnership empowers employers to enhance employee benefits while reducing costs, creating a win-win for our clients and their teams.” – Christine Wzorek, Founder and CEO, White Label Advisors.

About Zynergia: Zynergia is a distinguished PEO specializing in healthcare, offering a confluence of services that stem from a rich blend of professional, IT, and staffing expertise. They provide comprehensive Enterprise Risk and Human Capital Management solutions, driving down healthcare costs and enhancing profitability for client companies.

About White Label Advisors: White Label Advisors is at the forefront of human-centric organizational growth, providing innovative business models, execution tools, and fractional HR services. They are redefining the future of human capital management with a strategy that aligns culture, transparency, and accountability.

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