FranGrowth and ECH Partnership

FranGrowth is excited to present our partnership with ECH “Employers for Cheaper Healthcare.”

ECH is a proprietary, non-profit membership program. The ECH Membership Program solves small and mid-sized business owners’ painful challenges when obtaining an affordable healthcare benefit. Members have access to a true concierge Healthcare Partner whose objective is to provide richer health benefits while offering lower-cost plans to their employees.

Designed, Implemented, and Serviced by Industry Experts​

The ECH Program provides these Member Advantages:

  • True Healthcare Partner
  • Concierge Program
  • Health Plan Access
  • Plan Design
  • Low-cost Prescription

Employer Advantages

  • Flexible Participation & Contribution requirements
  • Funding Strategies
  • Streamlined Underwriting
  • Composite pricing
  • Concierge Partner Service
  • Options for any sized employer

Employee Advantages

  • Endpoint Member Experience
  • Concierge Service
  • Robust Health Plan Access
    • Low-Cost Premiums
    • Minimize out of pocket costs
    • Pharmacy
  • No hidden costs
  • No additional purchases required

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