Simplifi Benefits and ECH Partnership

Simplifi Benefits is excited to present our partnership with ECH “Employers for Cheaper Healthcare.”

ECH is a proprietary, non-profit membership program. The ECH Membership Program solves small and mid-sized business owners’ painful challenges when obtaining an affordable healthcare benefit. Members have access to a true concierge Healthcare Partner whose objective is to provide richer health benefits while offering lower-cost plans to their employees.

Designed, Implemented, and Serviced by Industry Experts​

The ECH Program provides these Member Advantages:

  • True Healthcare Partner
  • Concierge Program
  • Health Plan Access
  • Plan Design
  • Low-cost Prescription

Employer Advantages

  • Flexible Participation & Contribution requirements
  • Funding Strategies
  • Streamlined Underwriting
  • Composite pricing
  • Concierge Partner Service
  • Options for any sized employer

Employee Advantages

  • Endpoint Member Experience
  • Concierge Service
  • Robust Health Plan Access.
    • Low-Cost Premiums
    • Minimize out of pocket costs
    • Pharmacy
  • No hidden costs
  • No additional purchases required

Frequently Asked Questions

You can check to see if the provider is in the network by using the following link:

You are encouraged to use a provider that is in the network.  If you chose to continue to use a provider that is not in the network, you may be responsible for paying the bill up front and receiving lower reimbursement rates.

If your provider is out of network with PHCS, you can request your provider to be contracted with SevaCare by sending an email request to .  The SevaCare Network department will forward you a form to complete so that they may begin contract discussions with that provider.  NOTE:  There is no guarantee that your provider will accept a contract and you may be responsible for any payments.  It takes 60-90 days for the contracting process and there is no guarantee.  If you have services scheduled for a provider not in the network and the contract is in progress, you will be responsible for the bill.

Pricing is based on Medicare rates and the health plan network partners work with all facilities to establish agreed upon rates.  NOTE:  The facility may or may not accept the payment.  You will be responsible for any member share (deductibles, copay and coinsurance).  If you receive a balance due statement and you have paid your portion of the bill, submit your bill to and our network partners will work to resolve it with the provider.

All Pre-Authorization requirements are outlined on page 6 of this document.  Your provider will need to call Medi Review for any pre-authorization request.  Any procedure that requires a Pre-Authorization and it was not approved or provided, benefits will be reduced by $500.00

the Taft–Hartley Act, is a United States Federal Law that restricts the activities and power of Labor Unions.  Among the practices prohibited by the Taft–Hartley act are jurisdictional strikes, secondary and mass picketing, closed shops, and monetary donations by unions to federal political campaigns.

Collective bargaining agreements make employer-employee negotiations legally binding. They are helpful to both parties because they define, in writing, the terms of employment that are required from each.

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